Scaling Customer Marketing through Automated Customer Success Management
Podcast — Paris talks Marketing

By Paris Childress

Conversation with Dickey Singh,
CEO at

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Scaling Customer Marketing through Automated Customer Success Management. Paris Childress and Dickey Singh.

Meet Dickey Singh, CEO & Co-Founder at - customer success automation tool. In this episode, Dickey talked about improving retention on no-touch and low-touch accounts, Gamification vs. Shamification, bringing mass personalization to customer success, and how to scale customer marketing through automated customer success management.

Dickey Singh is the CEO and cofounder of Cast drives success, health, adoption, retention, and impactful outcomes for your customers and expansion revenue for you. 

Previously, Dickey was the founder and CEO of two companies and earlier, he was SVP of product, CTO, or operator creating customer-facing products at several venture-backed companies serving Apple, Google, Salesforce, SAP, and other customers. He has ten patents and lives in the SF Bay area with his wife, twins, and an English Lab Elektra.

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Approximately 45 minutes.

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