Achieving Unprecedented 30x ROI — The Pure Storage and Digital CSM Success Story
A Customer Conversation.
At Pure Storage, like at many other B2B or SaaS companies, Customer Success or Account Managers faced the challenging task of managing 33 - 65 accounts per CSM, each demanding personalized attention and intricate understanding of their accounts.

Further, assigning a CS/AM to every customer, especially those generating lower revenue, was not economically feasible.

Despite the inherent complexity of their products, the Pure Storage team remains committed to providing individualized attention, insights, and recommendations to help customers maximize their investments and to suggest new products and services.

To rise above these hurdles, Pure Storage used’s AI-driven Digital Customer Success and Account Managers, automating a whopping 75% of routine tasks and, impressively, realizing a 30X ROI.
Pure Storage realizes a 30X ROI

Pure Storage & Digital CSM Success Story


Today, I'm excited to chat with Warlito Talagtag and request him to share The Pure Storage & Digital CSM Success Story.

Warlito, Please introduce yourself, tell us about your role at Pure Storage, and tell us about the Pure Storage and Digital CSM success story.

Warlito Talagtag, Senior Manager of Analytics and Automation, Pure Storage


Thank you Dickey. I'm excited about our conversation.

My name is Warlito Talagtag, Senior Manager of Analytics and Automation at Pure Storage, where I lead a team of Data Analysts.

I report into Annette Pedroza, Director of Customer Success Operations.

I've been with Pure Storage for nearly four years, being the first hire for the Customer Success Department. Prior to this, I held roles at Palo Alto Networks for over six years, Cisco for five years, and Ariba for two years.

My primary focus at Pure Storage centers on a thorough understanding of our data to drive precise analytics, delivering critical business insights around Evergreen subscriptions.

Additionally, I optimize operations and streamline processes by strategically implementing automation-driven tools and other digital initiatives aligned with Pure Storage objectives.

Pure Storage a Design Partner

Pure Storage recognized and endorsed's innovative vision for employing automation and AI in Digital CS. We began our journey with as a Design Partner, playing a pivotal role in shaping the product by providing invaluable feedback.

Our first collaboration was the Digital Service Value Review (SVR), aimed at disseminating personalized metrics to users and executives to bolster adoption and expansion. We wanted the SVR to be more than just informational; we championed the personalization of content, tailoring recommendations to cater to our diverse customer accounts, with users that range from basic users to executives and power users or admins.

Digital Service Value Review

The Pure Storage Digital Service Review ties insights to relevant recommendations to drive usage, adoption, and expansion. It includes:

  • A comprehensive snapshot of the customer's subscription metrics, highlighting elements like cumulative subscription usage against their reserve commit, count of contracts and site licenses, and hardware utilization
  • A granular view into the usage for each contract
  • A summary of license usage across all sites
  • Metrics detailing cases, segmented by proactive cases, severity, category, and the codes leading to resolutions
Tying Customer Insights to Personalized and Actionable Customer Recommendations

The Digital CSM's role is vital here, ensuring that every recommendation is tailored, ensuring customers extract maximum value from their Pure Storage subscription.

Here are two examples.

  1. When a customer's site licenses aren't being maximized, the Digital CSM directs them to pertinent knowledgebase articles to optimize license utilization and also links them to their designated Customer Success Manager for a more hands-on guide.
  2. If a customer is nearing their reserve commit threshold, the Digital CSM lays out options depending on the SLA and configuration, which could range from service suspension, to degraded service, to up to 2x OnDemand pricing. The Digital CSM also connects the customer with a Customer Success Manager to discuss potential account modifications, safeguarding them against unforeseen charges.

Quantitative Success

Let's look at our success with this first use case quantitatively.

  • 6400 Service Value Reviews per Quarter — We create and deliver over 2100 Service Value Reviews per month. As I mentioned, we personalize the SVRs for each user and share highly relevant recommendations tp keep the engagement high.
  • Over 4300 hours saved per Quarter — In the last 12 months, we conservatively saved over 17,200 Customer Success Manager hours. We announced the 17,200 number at the Gainsight Pulse conference.
  • 135 recommendations or feedback per Quarter — Cast. app presentations serve as conversation starters, and we receive about 135 recommendations or feedback per quarter.
  • $400K in expansion revenue and cost savings per Quarter — On average, Pure Storage is attributing $400,000 per quarter in new revenue and cost savings to Digital CSMs. Digital CSMs help in cost savings and drive or influence revenue expansion through license upsells, upgrades, cross-sells, and add-ons.

Nine additional use cases identified

Based on the company's success with Digital CS/AMs, Pure Storage started the expansion to nine additional use cases across business units, including pre-boarding prospects, onboarding accounts, onboarding users, personalized education, benchmarking and insights-driven feature upsells and product cross-sells.

Digital CSMs introduce the support, service, and sales teams as and when appropriate.

  1. Onboarding Customers + Handover to CS Teams
  2. Customer Training & Support
  3. Internal Employee Six-sigma Personalized Training
  4. Drive Usage & Adoption
  5. License Management
  6. Partner Service Review with NRR reporting
  7. Risk Mitigation, Retention & Renewal Automation
  8. Revenue Expansion (upsells, cross-sells, and add-ons)
  9. Referrals from NPS and CES poll promoters

As an aside, the Portworx division [of Pure Storage] uses solely with Digital CSMs and without any CSMs.

Pure Storage Process & Automation Map

Pre-boarding and Onboarding

In particular, I want to cover the Pre-boarding and Onboarding use case. We think of onboarding in three distinct ways.

  • Before the Start of Customer Journey
  • At the Start of Customer Journey
  • Anytime During the Customer Journey

Customer Success should digitally start getting involved with potential customers or prospects even before they become customers. We plan to prepare the late-stage prospects for their personalized customer journey, explaining the processes, introducing the people, and sharing timelines.

At the start of the Customer Journey, we onboard new accounts, users, and executives, sharing both progress and dynamic next steps.

And anytime the customer hires new employees or buys new products, we onboard new hires, feature upsells, and product cross-sells.

Cast is perfectly suited for complex onboarding as it is flexible enough to accommodate personas, changes, and updates in success plans.

As indicated, at any time we share the status, recently completed tasks, and what each persona should work on next, implying if customers, CSMs, or AEs complete onboarding steps out of sequence, the onboarding still operates smoothly.

Introducing the team during pre-boarding and onboarding


Thank you so much, Warlito.  How can people contact you?


The best way to reach me is on LinkedIn.


Thank you Warlito for sharing the Pure Storage and Digital CSM success story with our audience.

The pattern Warlito describes is not unique to Pure Storage. It applies to B2B / SaaS businesses across segments who want to scale customer-facing outcomes.

For high-touch segments, the Customer Success or Account Managers are usually responsible for too many accounts, juggling their time from account to account.

For lower tier or SMB accounts, you cannot afford to assign a CS/AMs to every account but you want to maintain a standard of excellence, standardization that does not sacrifice the customer experience.

In both scenarios, as a result, there is a lack of personal attention and individualized recommendations leading to a decline in adoption and expansion opportunities.

This impact is felt across the segments, including lower-tier or SMB customer accounts without assigned team members.

If you are interested in replicating Pure Storage’s success and ROI, please set up a demo at
"'s Digital CSMs are a game-changer for how Customer Success engages with customers.

The targeted guidance and feedback, curated for each customer's business goals and objectives, not only accelerates time-to-value but also optimizes the product and services consumed.

We're eager to extend this capability to our partners.

In fact, just one use case with's Digital CSMs has added $400,000 per quarter to Pure Storage in additional revenue and cost savings." 

Rigo Rodriguez,
Senior Director of Global Customer Success, 
Pure Storage

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