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Modern Customer Segmentation & Future of Customer Health

Listen to the webinar "Modern Customer Segmentation and Future of Customer Health" with Wayne McCulloch (CCO WalkMe), Jeff Heckler (Director CS by MarketSource), Dickey Singh (CEO, cast.app) and Annette Franz, CEO CX Journey.

The webinar is 1 of 3 series moderated by Annette Franz.

  1. The Future CCO Organization
  2. Modern Customer Segmentation & Future of Customer Health
  3. Customer Success at Scale — In depth

Panelist Bios

Wayne McCulloch

Wayne McCulloch is the Chief Customer Officer at WalkMe and one of the world’s leading Customer Success experts. He’s a keynote speaker and the recipient of multiple industry awards (recently named as one of the top 25 CS influencers in 2021) with more than twenty-five years of experience in customer-focused roles. Wayne began his software career at PeopleSoft and Vignette before becoming an SVP at Salesforce in the Customer Success Group, the Chief Customer Officer at Kony Inc, and the Global Head of Customer Success for (SaaS) at Google Cloud.  

He is also the author of the best selling book The Seven Pillars of Customer Success.

Jeff Heckler

Jeff Heckler is a senior Customer Success leader with over 20 years of running customer-facing revenue teams for such organizations as SAP, Accenture, and Stanford.  Jeff is the Director of Customer Success Solutions for MarketSource, Inc., the leading global provider of Sales and Customer Success innovation and solutions.Jeff is an author, advisor, and speaker, and recipient of numerous industry awards.  Most recently, Jeff was recognized as a Top 25 Global Customer Success Influencer, 2021, and named One to Watch in SaaS, 2022.

Jeff serves on the Board of Advisors for The Customer Success Performance Index™, the Product Advisory Board for Cast.app, and is the Principal Thought Leader – Digital CS for Practical CSM.

Dickey Singh

Dickey Singh is the CEO and Founder of cast.app, a company laser-focused on scaling customer success, renewals, and revenue expansion using automation. Using Cast.app, businesses can generate data-driven personalized content and recommendations, and present them to customer stakeholders using virtual CSMs to drive health, adoption, retention, renewals, revenue expansion, and advocacy. Dickey was the founder and CEO of two companies earlier. Previously he was SVP of product, CTO, or operator creating customer-facing products at six venture-backed companies serving customers like Apple, Google, Salesforce, SAP, eBay, and more.

He has ten patents and lives in the SF Bay area with his wife, twins, and a 100 pound English Lab Elektra.

Annette Franz, Moderator

With 30 years in the customer experience profession, Annette Franz, CCXP is founder and CEO of CX Journey Inc. She started her career at J.D. Power and Associates and spent much of the next 25 years before founding CX Journey Inc. leading consulting services for the major voice of the customer (VOC) platforms, helping clients in a variety of industries. She has also worked on client-side customer experience strategy for Mattel, Fidelity Investments, and Compellon. Annette is an internationally recognized customer experience thought leader, coach, keynote speaker, and author of Customer Understanding: Three Ways to Put the "Customer" in Customer Experience (and at the Heart of Your Business). Her second book, Built to Win: Designing a Customer-Centric Culture that Drives Value for Your Business, was just published by Advantage|ForbesBooks in Q1 2022.

She is a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP), an official member of the Forbes Coaches Council, and an advisor for Cast.app.

What are we covering?

Listen to this webinar where we cover the following topics and much more.

  • Why should we discuss segmentation and Customer Health together?
  • Let’s start with Segmentation
  • Traditional segmentation vs modern segmentation
  • No fixed formula
  • Why does Segmentation need a change?
  • Is Digital CS a segment?
  • When should you revisit segmentation?
  • Should you think of segmentation not just from a customer perspective but also from the CSM perspective?
  • Where do personas and "Jobs to be done" come into play here?
  • If your platform is not solving problems for your customers, doesn’t matter if they’re high touch, low touch, or tech touch?
  • Customer Health
  • What is broken in today's health scores and what should companies focus on in the future?
  • Does customer health always = retention?
  • Do good health scores mean they’ll stay, and vice versa?
  • Why isn't there a fixed formula for CH that everyone can use?
  • what should it include? CSM sentiment, Product Usage, Financial health, Relationship health, Service health.
  • How is CH calculated?
  • Salesforce's 128 variables seems overwhelming. Why did it work for Salesforce, and does everyone need that many variables in a CH score?
  • CH can be simple too — usage and adoption of core features
  • By applying weightage to lagging KPIs and leading Early Warning Signals
  • ML - train based on data
  • What is required to develop a customer health score?
    Data over time
    Data analytics platform
  • How can you predict churn?
  • How does AI or ML factor into this? Can you use them to predict churn, calculate a customer health score, and more?
  • CS Platforms give you an ability to do math or run a ML model to create a CH score. They do not help create one.
  • How does a young company get started?
  • Wayne had 128 variables at Salesforce. What is the downside of a composite CH score?
  • Should CH itself be used to trigger playbooks or should KPIs and EWS (early warning signs) that make up a CH be used instead?

Webinar Recording

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Modern Customer Segmentation & Future of Customer Health

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