3.0 sneak peek

Exclusive sneak peek of 3.0

As a reminder, Cast App uses Digital Customer Success or Account Managers to automate 60 - 95% of the tasks related to growing and retaining your revenue, depending on the customer segment.

Cast 3.0 Boasts a Powerhouse of Cutting-Edge Features.  

Here are some select highlights of 3.0

😇 Ask Me Anything (AMA)

This is the feature that has us buzzing!  🐝

With's AMA feature, your customers can ask the Digital CSM questions and instantly get relevant account-specific answers and recommendations. This is similar to how customer-facing team members may be interrupted during a live presentation for questions and clarification.

For example, your customers can ask:

  1. What are the top three things my team should focus on?
  2. How do I benchmark compared to others in my segment?
  3. How many unused licenses do I have?
  4. How many agents should I upgrade to based on my historical usage?
  5. When is my renewal? Can I self-renew? How?

Imagine the most knowledgeable and personal AI-driven Digital CSM — intimately versed with every user and every customer account — at your customer's fingertips.

Note, AMA answers account-specific questions from ALL your tech stack. You already use chatbots like Intercom (focused on customer support-articles) and Drift (focused on new sales- and marketing). AMA can be trained from all connected data sources your customer-facing teams use.

👉 Learn more and watch a Short video here.

🗣️ Lifelike Realistic Voices

Advanced AI-driven automated Digital Customer Success or Account Managers equipped with incredibly lifelike and engaging voice technology.
👉Lifelike voice examples: American, French, and British.  Digital CSMs speak 12 languages!

🤝 Native Integrations

Combine data from Salesforce, Hubspot, Gainsight, Totango, Snowflake, and 60 more.
And practically any modern service with a restful API can be used with our universal JSON API connector.

💡 Digital Customer Success Hub

Along with Digital CSM explained presentations, we generate a Digital Customer Success Hub for every user at all your customer accounts.  CSMs may even use it to share insights and recommendations directly with customers.  You do not need two products. Digital Hub Example.

🤖 Unleashing More Generative AI

Several additional generative AI features have been added to, both for you and for your customers.

For you:

  • Summarizing blog posts and webinars and sharing as recommendations,
  • SQL Query writer: Converting natural language to SQL queries,
  • Using natural language to combine data from different sources and writing cross-platform SQL queries,
  • Vastly enhancing deep personalization.
    Updated Generative AI Post.

And for your Customers,

The game-changing features are already in use by HP Enterprise, Pure Storage, vCom, PortWorx, Aruba, RouteThis, and others.

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