Ask Me Anything (AMA)

The premier 3.0 feature where your customers can ask your automated Digital CSM questions and get account-specific GPT-style answers. A personal & automated Digital CS / AM for every user at every customer account.

AMA - The feature that has us buzzing!  🐝


Cast App uses Digital Customer Success or Account Managers to automate 60 - 95% of the tasks, depending on the customer segment, related to growing and retaining your revenue.

Your Digital CS/AM generates personalized data-driven presentations and Digital Hub pages, which tie customer insights to actions that lead to higher adoption, faster value realization, more expansion revenue, better retention, and additional referrals from promoters.


During live presentations, customers often ask the presenter (e.g., Customer Success / Account Manager or any customer-facing team member) questions.

Similarly, with's "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) feature, your customers can ask the automated Digital Customer Success Manager questions and instantly get detailed account-specific answers.

You probably already have chatbots for marketing, sales, and support articles.

Now, imagine a
Digital CSM that is intimately familiar with all your users and customers and can answer detailed account-specific questions!

Watch AMA in action

Note: Video has audio for part of the Digital CSM-delivered presentation. Audio automatically pauses during the AMA session.

Trained using natural language

The Digital CSM is trained with dynamic content using natural language from your CRM, CS platform, support system, and all customer-facing tech stack.

Envision the most knowledgeable and personal AI-driven Digital CSM — intimately versed with every user and every customer account — at your customer's fingertips.

The Digital CSM is trained from all the connected data-sources that you use to generate presentations and Digital Hub pages.

So what can you ask? Anything.

You use the customer-facing UI at https://cast.designer to train the Digital CSM using natural language.

Here are some sample questions Digital CSMs can answer.

  • What are the top three things my team should focus on?
  • How do I benchmark compared to others in my segment?
  • How many unused licenses do I have?
  • How many agents should I upgrade to based on my historical usage?
  • When is my renewal?
  • Can I self-renew?
  • How does AMA work?
  • How many support tickets are pending?
  • Who is Morgan Freeman?

Intelligent Fallback

Automation and AI help you scale but customers will always need to talk to your team. If the Digital CS/AM does not know the answer, it offers programmable recommendations, for example,

  • Send your CSM an email
  • Schedule time with your CSM via Calendly or Hubspot
  • Call your Account Manager

Again the recommendations are programmable and you can show what is relevant for your business.

If the Digital CSM cannot answer a question, she will connect your customers to your CSM or AE.

The game-changing feature is already loved by HP Enterprise, Pure Storage, vCom, PortWorx, Aruba, RouteThis, and others.

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